Give A Big Jump to your Mechanical Career

Excelling with experience is today’s need. Perfection and excellence have a narrow margin that makes you the intellect among others. We at Philadelphia Technicians assure you to develop into a new version of you by providing Career Oriented Automotive Repair Programs. Our programs are manifold from Manufacturing, welding to Auto Tech.

We are proud to announce here that we hold the reputed position in the buzz of Career Oriented Automotive Repair Programs that proves us the best for certified training programs. We provide a wide range of intellectual curriculum:- Shop equipment operation, Automotive measurement, and Math, Brake systems, Suspension Diagnosis, Maintenance and Repair, PA safety inspection, PA emission inspection, Electrical Troubleshooting, System Diagnostic. Our Manufacturing program lasts for half of the year that enables you to be an automotive technician or Engineer’s Assistant. Also, the welding Auto Tech makes you grab on technical and business skills for the welder in the workplace.

The Unit builds up amateur to the real-life heroes who are with the assistance of their talent create any raw component into life-giving unit. The solutions our learners have are always in demand that also raise the students to cut-throat market competition. 

We offer an even greater range of training solutions with flexible new options. We still draw upon our deep industry expertise to develop and deliver real skill development with a new resolve and a dedicated team of specialist trainers. Also, the popular Welding Certification Training Program gives new dimensions to the career of the people and is creative with their moldable ideas.

Lets us take the opportunity to share our expertise:

  • With a comprehensive manufacturing unit, we give the complete solution under one roof
  • Advanced technology and latest versions, we are a promised and worth giving, educators
  • Additionally, we refer the trainee to the world market with better perspectives
  • Moreover,the methods and techniques are found under the able guidance of our experts are never matching
  • Last but not least we are a complete solution Career Oriented Automotive Repair Programs

We are proven us in not only general but advanced diplomas. The infrastructure is developed in the manner that all the latest amenities are followed majestically. Labs are outfitted with a range of modified platforms that enable candidates to both wide-ranging industrial technologies as well as cutting edge software, depending on their needs. This means students can practically apply the theory they learn using the same systems they use in industrial workplaces also the developed unit aids them out to take real-time experience

In account of the campus profile and security measures for the staff and students we follow the value system and are very keen to provide a healthy atmosphere for the coming groups. With the vision to technological knowledge, we assure to all the trainees for best methods and proficiency ever launched.