Trends in Automotive Repairs

From recent research, vehicle ownership for new and used vehicles is up 60% in the past 10 years. Whereas 75% of auto repair service is implemented by independent repair shops and remaining 25% has been controlled by dealers.

The above percentage indicates a great need for automotive repair. To save time, more consumers hit the Automotive Repair Shops, where with small money investment, they get small repair process is done. Under repair shops, quality service is performed by professional technicians trained from the certified universities. In your performance, the institute plays a crucial role from where you get the training sessions.

The Philadelphia Technician Training Institute graduates well qualified or trained employees that serve various departments like manufacturing & automation, welding technology, repairing and more.

Now let’s study about automatic repair shops:


These shops are inexpensive as compared to others. In this, you can directly deal with the owner or technicians about services and compensation. It’ll be a benefit for many customers to openly talk about price or routine maintenance services.


The dealers know car's problems well as they deal with selling matter. They have trained technicians along with all the required tools and techniques.


There is one department in automotive shops; specialists, who deal with a single service like repairing, manufacturing spare parts etc. They don’t run all the services simultaneously.

Tire shop:

This is a very obvious shop, where different types of tires are available depending upon your choice. Even tire repairing is implemented in this category.

The Philadelphia Technician deals with Advanced Automotive Repair Programs in which welding, repairing and manufacturing processes are at top priority. This processing is conducted under the ace technicians, a normal teacher or guide can’t offer you proper guidelines on automotive techniques.

A certified or license approved institute will provide you superior quality technical education.

Here are tips, an institute provide to their students:


Students study the concept of automotive manufacturing, how to enter in the automotive industry, emphasis on tools, personal safety, pre and post manufacturing and customers’ requirements.



Students get to know about engine repairing, lubrication and cooling systems.


As with other programs, safety is very important to learn,and expert technicians have all the knowledge to teach the students well without lower risk of injury.

The most common services consumer wants to have to stretch the longevity of their vehicles:

  • Frequently change oil
  • Replace oil filter and change air filter
  • Change spark plugs
  • Use more premium oil

The live training is given to candidates by Philadelphia Technician to polish up their career in the automotive field. To earn consumers’ trust is the toughest thing in the automotive repair procedure.