VR Welding Training Program

VR Welding Training Program

Virtual reality welding:Virtual reality welding technology is increasingly being used as a tool to streamline the hiring and evaluation process for welders. Manufacturers that have incorporated the technology are finding several benefits.


Why Go Virtual?

Companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors are discovering the benefits of virtual reality systems for screening and training purposes, including the fields of welding, painting, and carpentry. Virtual reality tools give employers a safe and cost-effective way to streamline the hiring and training process from the moment an applicant walks in the door. Companies don’t have to tie up production resources staffing and raw materials for screening and training needs, and applicants or trainees don’t risk injury should they make mistakes on live, full-functioning equipment.

Welding is a skill that requires not only manual dexterity, but also attention to numerous details. Weld quality depends on an operator’s travel speed, angles relative to the workpiece, arc position in the welding joint, and the operator’s body position throughout the length of the weld. Achieving these goals using only traditional training methods can get costly—requiring more hands-on supervision and raw material. Virtual reality welding can help to expedite skills development and reduce training costs.

It’s important to remember that virtual reality training is not a substitute for hands-on training in an actual welding booth. Instead, it is a valuable tool within a comprehensive blended training program. In blended training, a virtual reality welding simulator is incorporated as a supplement and enhancement to traditional welding training methods.

Virtual reality training programs, when combined with traditional training, have distinct advantages. In addition to economic and safety benefits, virtual reality training systems allow employers to provide initial hands-on training that delivers instantaneous feedback and proficiency scores as applicants and new hires essentially perform the same task they would on the job.

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