Annual Berean Campus Safety & Security Report -2018

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OFFICE OF POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION ANNUAL BEREAN CAMPUS SAFETY & SECURITY REPORT 1901 WEST GIRARD AVENUE- PHILADELPHIA PA 19130 SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 PTTI ANNUAL CAMPUS SAFETY AND SECURITY REPORT YEAR 2017 September 29, 2018 The Philadelphia Technician Training lnstitute's (PTTI) Annual Campus Safety and Security Report provides important information about safety on the school campus. When the statistics are reviewed, it is reported that PTTI is a safe and secure campus. As in any school location, it is important that employees and students take necessary precautions to prevent crimes and/or assaults against themselves and/or others. PTTI has established policies and procedures to provide a safe and secure environment. The information that follows is provided to inform employees and students about PTTI's safety and security processes. In 2018, PTTI is required to file the Annual Campus Safety and Security Report for both locations: Berean Campus and the Berean Campus. This report is for the Berean Campus. A safe and secure employee and student environment is our #1 prior' The Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI) filed the required Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act Report with the PA Department of Education through the Campus Safety and Security Online Survey as required by October 1, 2018. The statistics for the Year 2017 as reported by the Philadelphia Police Department Headquarters for the immediate area of the Berean Campus locations are as follows: lemma _ .MnheL- _ aqbbery.________ __ _.___ __ l IAssrarated Assault _ . 1_ _____ ___ l Burglary .___ ,__ _ . 1 _ __ _ MgtorVehicLeTheft__ 2 ____ __ iAI‘SQIL .._._ __.._ 0 __ __ I __Thrfi ___.. ___ .__1_1_ ____ __ | l Total Offenses/Crimes _' Q There were a total of twenty-three (23) offenses/crimes reported during 2017. It is important to note that zero (0) of these crimes were committed on the PTTI Campus at 1901 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA for the areas North 20th Street, South College Avenue and the 1900-2000 block of West Girard Avenue. A log is maintained in the PTTI Administration Office should any incident be reported. This log enables the President and CEO to track all incidents and ensure they are treated as an emergency and resolved. The PTTI Annual Safety and Security Report is also on the PTTI website: and annually all employees and students receive an email/text notification of its availability. Copies of this report can also be obtained at the PTTI Administration Office. PTTI provides a safe campus environment at 7446 Berean Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19138; and is dedicated to ensure the safety and security of all employees and students. This location is a non-housing campus school. It also does not require separate security personnel. The President and CEO is onsite at the campus daily and is the person to whom any and all safety and security incidents would be reported immediately for resolution: Sherman McLeod — President and CEO Cell Phone 215 805 1543 Email: shermanmcleod®gmai1com In the absence of Mr. McLeod, and in an event of an immediate threat, danger, injury or criminal occurrence, the local police/fire/emergency medical service in the area will be contacted by dialing 9-1-1. ] l. PTTI Harassment Policy: PTTI has a Harassment Policy that encompasses any form of harassment by an employee, student and/or contracted individual. This policy includes an avenue to immediately report any incident that would occur for violence, sexual assault, stalking, etc. Prompt proceedings are ensured and enforced. All new students and employees receive the Harassment Policy information. It is reviewed with them and they have the appropriate form and contact information should a harassment situation occur. All new students and employees receive the Harassment Policy information. It is reviewed with them and they have the appropriate form and contact information should a harassment situation occur. All PTTI employees in September, 2018 received formal Harassment training from an external consultant. Ill. Missing Student Notification: PTTI students do not live on campus. If a situation arises where a student 18 years ofage + has not reported to class in 48 hours, a school Admissions/Retention Representative will contact the student to determine the reason for the absence. If the student is not reached by cell phone and/or email, the Admissions/Retention Representative will contact the students family/friend contacts that were submitted at the time of admission. If no one is reached, the school will notify the Philadelphia Police Department after 72 hours (the legal wait time for individuals who are 18+ years of age). IV. Student /Employee Security Identification All PTTI students receive a photo identification card with their "unique" code at the time of initial employment or enrollment. The PTTI identification system does not permit an individual to log in/out for another individual. Students must have their identification card with them at all times when on campus. All PTTI employees receive an ID badge with their name and title and must wear their badge during business work hours. Contractors and/or visitors are required to sign in/sign out using the Visitor's Log Book when on the school campus. V. Emergency Evacuation In the case of an emergency (school closing, threat to building security and safety, etc.), all PTTI employees and students are immediately notified by PTTI‘s electronic database system which contacts them via cell phone texting and email addresses. This database is in operation 24 hours a day/7days a week. The main PTTI office telephone number 215-381—9403 also has an emergency line that is put in place for any important messages when an emergency occurs. Should an emergency occur during the school hours that require evacuation due to threat of health or safety, all employees and students have been trained to meet at the following location which is across the street from the school: Rite Aid Pharmacy — Rear Parking Lot Corner of Berean Avenue and Washington Lane The President and CEO and/or PTTI assigned Instructors/Directors will take an immediate head count to ensure all employees and students have been evacuated. VI. Access Policy During school business hours, all visitors/contractors will enter the school only through the main Administrative Office entrance. They sign in/sign out with the assigned full-time Security Guard that is on-site at PTTI. It is important that all employees and students strive to keep the PTTI school location safe. They are instructed that is against school policy to loan their identification card to anyone for any reason. V11. Solicitation No solicitation is allowed at the PTTI school location without the approval of the President and CEO. Vlll. Primary and Ongoing Prevention and Awareness Programs PTTI provides all employees and students with printed and verbal educational information on how to access various programs for their mental and physical well being. Pamphlets and/or brochures are on display in the PTTI Admissions and Administrative Office. IX. Alcohol and Drug Use Policy PTTI has adopted a Drug-Free and Alcohol—Free school policy. The policy complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. The PTTI Administrative Office maintains resource and referral sources for educational and counseling agency locations. PTTI has also hired a Student Services Counselor who assists students in obtaining any needed resources for drug and alcohol abuse. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of drugs as well as the abuse ofalcohol by employees or students is prohibited. Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol on campus or at a PTTI sponsored event/conference is subject to immediate suSpension and/or termination. X. Firearms or Concealed Weapons Policy Firearms or concealed weapons (licensed or unlicensed) are prohibited at the PTTI school location under all circumstances and may not be transported or used on school property. This also includes any firearm or weapon within the confines of a personal automobile that is parked on authorized school property.