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In these turbulent and uncertain economic times, education programs ought to focus on finding their graduates jobs. Over two (2) years ago, PTT School was founded on this exact philosophy. PTT School was created by a Drexel University graduate who believes in our youth and families to receive a technology driven education so that they can secure great technical careers and jobs. Now PTT's growth is fueled by employees who have graduated from Universities and Colleges such as Allegheny, Temple, Cheyney, Lincoln Technical Institute, Community College, VVP Engineering in India, Stevens Technical Institute, and others.

The school's flagship programs (our Automotive Repair Program and our Manufacturing Technician Program) focus on hands-on technology training. The only way to gain sustainable employment in the 21st century is to know how to interact with technology, so that’'s what we teach. In the automotive field, technicians are increasingly required to use computers and other computerized systems to diagnose and solve engine problems. Today's leading repair garages are looking more and more like futuristic computer labs than auto repair shops. Accordingly, in manufacturing and automation, both are increasing the work and amount of automated robots, high speed machines, super fast machine controllers, and material handling systems. Employment in this field is largely secured trained professionals like those graduating from PTT School who are skilled in technology repair, quality, diagnosis, validation, profitability, growth, innovation and world class dominance.

PTT provides hands-on education and training in transformation technologies such as General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Snap-On, AutoCad, NAPA, Interstate, Microsoft, State & Emissions, Allen Bradley, to name a few. At PTT School, we train you to get a job in today's Automotive or Industrial Manufacturing facilities. But our training focuses on the technology that will continue to lead the forefront over the course of the next century.

It's that simple.

Practical. Affordable. Technical. The PTT School. Jobs Today.

We encourage you to learn more about our two specific programs in Automotive Repair or Manufacturing & Automation,  or learn more about who we are here at PTT by perusing our website. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at 215-381-9403. If you are interested in seeing more about our campus, our programs or the school in general, take a look at our virtual tour and call to schedule an appointment to take a tour of the facility in person.

About  PTT’s Founder:


About four (4) years ago, the founder (Sherman McLeod, a Drexel University graduate in Mechanical Engineering) engaged the workforce development of Philadelphia to provide funding for an accelerated education, training and job placement in technology careers. The workforce development agency wondered what impact might occur if we immersed un-employed participants in a hands-on learning environment 40 hours a week (10 consecutive weeks in duration) where students could learn about manufacturing or automotive technology. PTT created a school where students would be educated on maintaining industrial manufacturing equipment as well as vehicles and light trucks.

The Philadelphia workforce agency accepted Sherman’s proposal and it was at that time, the vision for a hands-on/ technical education was born at Ptt.edu as an economic engine for the entire Philadelphia and Delaware counties.

Ptt.edu provides a college level education characterized by: high structure, high expectations, individual support services, and job placement in technology driven industries where there is plenty of employment and growth not just in the city, but also at the national and international level.

The school Sherman created values creativity and innovation, persistence, courage and the ability to see technical obstacles as opportunities toward growth careers and a lifetime of employment.

Sherman has worked for international companies like: Johnson & Johnson Medical, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Smith & Nephew Medical where he designed and built ultra-high speed manufacturing equipment, was a Business Unit Manager responsible for business growth and managed hundreds of people so that employees could manufacture and ship professional and consumer good worldwide.

Today, PTT is an accredited institution by the Middle State Association of Colleges & School and has earned its status to receive eligible students who can now receive PELL grants and Federally guarranteed student loans. 

  1. Q. How long will it take to complete your Career Diploma Program?
  2. A. It takes 26 weeks to complete your Career Diploma Program.
  1. Q. What are the requirements to successfully enroll at PTT?
  2. A. You will need to Complete an interview with an Admissions Adviser. Provide an official  copy High School Diploma or GED (or) Transcripts.  The ability to read and write on a 10th grade level (admissions testing) For the Automotive Program you will need a valid driver's license.  
  1. Q. What is the cost of tuition at PTT.edu?
  2. A. The total for tuition for each one our programs at PTT.edu is $1442.00, this fee includes application, enrollment fees, graduation fees, license and testing fees  in addition to books and tuition.

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